Currently           Lives and works in Beijing, China
1967           Born in Yunnan Province, China 


1991           Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Yunnan Arts University


2011           Promising Young Artist Award of the First Yan Wenliang Art Award
2010           Golden Palm Award of Chinese Contemporary Art
2010           Award of Chinese Contemporary Art Academic
2006           International Exchange Award of Macao Museum of Art
2002           Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA)
1998           Bronze Award of the 9th National Oil Paintings Exhibition


2016           A Chang, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
2015           Water Forming Stone, INK studio, Beijing, China
2014           Worldly Fate — He Yunchang Solo Exhibition, White Box Art Center, Beijing, China
2013           Nirvana Body, The National Gallery of Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
2012           EverybodyFeizi Gallery, Brussels, Belgium




Shadows of Passers-by, Kongu Art Space, Hangzhou, China

The Wings of Live Art — He Yunchang, Galerie Urs Meile Beijing-Lucerne, Lucerne, Switzerland

2009           The Wings of Live Art — He Yunchang, Galerie Urs Meile Beijing-Lucerne, Beijing, China


          The Ability to Exist: He Yunchang Art Works, Indonesia National Museum, Jakarta, Indonesia 



          The Rock Touring around Great Britain — He Yunchang Solo Exhibition, Chambers Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA
2006           He Yun Chang: Works, Spacex gallery, Exeter, UK
2004           Ar Chang's Persistence, Tokyo Gallery, Beijing, China






Parabiosis: International Contemporary Exhibition, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China

Beyond Action, Kylin Contemporary Center of Art, Beijing, China

2015           Touching Ground: To the West, Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, Yinchuan, China










Yokohama Triennale 2014, Yokohama, Japan

Future Returns: Contemporary Art From China, Broad Art Museum, Michigan, USA

Riverside District 1996-2004, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Switch, Xi’an Museum of Contemporary Art, Xi’an, China

More Than Meets The Eyes, Mizuma & One Gallery, Beijing, China

Beyond Stuff, Mizuma Gallery, Singapore, Singapore

The Mirror and Monitor of Democracy in Asia, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea








Fuck off, Groninger Museum, Groninger, Holland

Pessimism or Resistance, Taikang Space, Beijing, China

Transformation, The Fifty-fifth Venice Biennial China Pavilion, Venice, Italy

Conceptual Renewal, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Heiqiao Night Away, 8 Court No.2 Heiqiao, Beijing, China

The Time of Avant-garde, 798 Space, Beijing, China














Guangzhou Triennial, Guangzhou Museum, Guangzhou, China

Kunming Biennale, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming, China

Social Landscape, True Color Museum, Suzhou, China

Evidence, New Age Gallery, Beijing, China

Skin, Flesh and Bone, 314 Gallery, Bergen, Norway

Location, 798 Chuncui Gallery, Beijing, China

Pulse Condition, Qinhuangdao Contemporary Art Museum, Qinhuangdao, China

2012 Contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China

Harmony But Not Uniformity, Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, Beijing, China

Magnanimity, White Box Art Center, Beijing, China

Caochangdi Ten Generations, Caochangdi Art Zone, Beijing

Attitude, Zhong Gallery, Berlin, Germany










Time and Sunlight, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China

Position, Beijing Chuncui Gallery, Beijing, China

Chengdu Biennale: Riyong – Changxing, Chengdu, China

Guangzhou Live 2011 International Performance Art Festival, Guangzhou, China

Back at One, Jingyi Art Space, Beijing, China

The Evening of an Era, Duffy Cigar Gallery, Kunming, China

The Document Exhibition of Chinese Performance Art, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing, China








The State of Things, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China

Nature of China, True Color Museum, Suzhou, China

Convection, Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Reshaping History, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

On Yunnan, Beijing Center for the Arts, Beijing, China

Out of Context, T Art Center, Beijing, China









Attitude, Shit-Art Center, Zhengzhou, China

The State of Things. Brussels/Beijing, Brussels Center for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Art in Busan 2009: Inter-City, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, South Korea

City-net Asia 2009, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea

The 10th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale 2009, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

Yi Pai­ — Century Thinking, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China  

13 No Kaos, Duffy Gallery, Kunming, China; Jie Fu Gallery, Beijing, China















Beijing Black Bridge 08 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Beijing Black Bridge Museum, Beijing, China     

Free Fall, Beijing Chen Linghui Art Space, Beijing, China

Our Future: The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Mahjong — Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, The University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A.

China: Construction/Deconstruction­ — Chinese Contemporary Art, Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Yi Pai: Thirty Years of Chinese “Abstraction”, Wall Art Museum, Beijing, China; CaixaForum, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, and Madrid, Spain

Fabricating Images from History, Contemporary Photography Exhibition,China Blue Gallery, Beijing, China






Out of Control, Ku Art Center, Beijing, China

Performa 07, New York, New York, USA

Net, Chambers Fine Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Embarks from the Southwest, Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou, China
2006           Cold Energy: Sensibility and Power, PYO Gallery, Beijing, China











The Wall: Reshaping Contemporary Chinese Art, Millennium Art 

Museum of Beijing, Beijing, China; Albright Knox Art Gallery, New York, USA

The Sky of Predestined Affinity, Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

Inward Gazes — Documentary of Chinese Performance Art, Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China

Ten Times Ten — The Second Exhibition of Contemporary Art,

Songzhuang Artists Village, Beijing, China

Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland







Officina Asia, Galleriad' Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy                     

China, Body, Museum of Contemporary Art, Marseilles, France

Match Making August at Suzhou Creek, East Link Gallery, Shanghai, China

Is It Art?, Shanxi Province Art Museum, Xi’an, China

Degenerated, Modern Chinese Art Foundation (MCAF), Gent, Belgium 






Sharjah International Art Biennial, Sharjah, The United Arab Emirates

Artificial Aspiration, Sanhe Art Center, Beijing, China

Together with Migrants, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

 Lijiang International Art Festival, Lijiang, China 







Busan Biennale, Busan, South Korea

Chinese Modernity, Sao Paulo FAAP Museum, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cut In, China Art and Archives Warehouse, Beijing, China

China Contemporary Photograph Exhibition, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing,  China

Run, Jump, Climb, Walk, Yuanyang Art Center, Beijing, China





The 1st Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China

Exposed Form, China Art and Archives Warehouse, Beijing, China

Dislocation, Chambers Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA





Fuck off, Eastlink Gallery, Shanghai, China

Chinese Oil Paintings Exhibition of the 20th Century, China National Museum, Beijing, China; Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai, China


National Art Museum Of China, Beijing, China

Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland, Australia

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France

White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Macao Museum of Art, Macao, China

Uli Sigg Collection

Jing Hongwei Collection


Last Updated: June 2016