Wang Tiande (b. 1960 in Shanghai) graduated from the Chinese Painting

Department of Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now the China Academy of Art) in

1988 and later obtained his doctoral degree from its Department of Calligraphy. He

is currently a professor at the Fudan University in Shanghai.


Celebrated for his revolutionary takes on traditional Chinese art in China and

abroad, Wang Tiande is best known for his burned landscapes, consisting of a

painted underlayer and an overlayer burned with cigarettes or incense sticks. More

recently, he has incorporated into the landscapes rubbings of famous ancient steles

from his own collection. In their fusion of the fleeting and the timeless, Wang

Tiande’s works meditate on creation and destruction. They are both elegies to the

past and celebrations of its present persistence.


Wang has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in major galleries and museums

worldwide, including Chambers Fine Art, New York (2004), Alisan Fine Art, Hong

Kong (2007), Spencer Museum of Art, Kansas (2009), University of Sydney, Australia

(2010), Suzhou Museum, Suzhou (2014), Today Art Museum, Beijing (2014), The

Palace Museum, Fujian and Beijing (2015), Nanhai Art Center, San Francisco (2016),

Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou (2017), National Art Museum of China,

Beijing (2018), and Suning Museum of Art, Shanghai (2019), among others.


Wang’s work has been collected by the British Museum, London, the Metropolitan

Museum of Art, New York, Brooklyn Museum, New York, Museum of Fine Arts,

Boston, The Art Institute of Chicago, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, UC

Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, California, Asian Art Museum

of San Francisco, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Montreal Museum of

Contemporary Art, Canada, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada, Hong Kong

Museum of Art, Shanghai Museum of Art, Suzhou Museum, Guangdong Art

Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum, and Today Art Museum, Beijing, among many









Born in Shanghai, China







A professor at Fudan University, lives and works in Shanghai.









BA China Academy of Art, Chinese Painting Department



PhD. China Academy of Art, Department of Calligraphy











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