Yahon Chang: Ode to Life

A monumental painting performance
on March 17th, INKstudio with Yahon Chang Studio organized a monumental “painting as performance,” Ode to Life, in the newly opened Center for Art and Technology at the Taipei National University of Arts as part of 2022 Taipei Dangdai’s education and VIP programme.


In this hour-long performance, Yahon Chang reconfigured painting as both performance and writing and in doing so challenged the distinction between the performing and visual arts and between visual and linguistic signification. The artist wielded the brush in the concerto of violinist Edith Chen-Yin Lin and pianist Kevin Fan Yu as if dancing on a massive 20 x 10 meters linen canvas across the theatre space. Through live projection on screens, attendees of the event were able to obtain a bird’s-eye view of the performance while observing the artist’s movements closely.