ArtReview interview | Yahon Chang: “When I Paint, I Move the Ink With My Mind”

Taiwanese artist Yahon Chang (b. 1948) mobilises dialogues between body, mind and the spiritual world through his large-scale painting performances using large brushes and black ink. Brought up in Taiwan after the Second World War, Chang’s works developed a visual language voicing agony, adversity and acceptance, while striving for higher spirituality and peace. After exploring traditions of calligraphy, martial arts, Chinese literati culture and spiritual practices, his works underwent a performative turn, leading to appearances at Performa 19 as well as Palazzo Strozzi, Florence in 2019.


Chang’s latest 45-minute painting performance Floating Poetry, Meandering Mindscape – curated by Manu Park, former director at Nam June Paik Art Center – will unfold in the space of Berlin’s St. Elisabeth Church, parallel to the Berlin Gallery Weekend. The musical accompaniment featuring compositions by Korean musician Isang Yun (1917-1995) will mount an immersive meditation to his spiritual quests. [More information]