Seeing the Unseen World: The Art of Bingyi

Amjad Majid

An excerpt from Amjad Majid, "Seeing the Unseen World: The Art of Bingyi", Yishu 14: 6 (November/December 2015, 22-37):


"Bingyi's art explores the properties that define our universe and that go beyond our immediate perception. She explores notions of time that are outside the traditional definitions with works that are read as events rather than just objects of aesthetic production. In this way, Bingyi's art practice lends power to the intervention that nature, climate and environment can have in the development of her work. The works themselves become residues of a spatial and temporal relationship, metonymically instatiating the existence of the universe and the processes and matter that compose it, serving as extensions of this universe. [...]"