Exhibition | Bingyi at Philadelphia Museusm of Art

Oneness: Nature & Connectivity in Chinese Art


Philadelphia Museusm of Art


Explore the questions of “what is nature?” and “what is the relationship between humans and nature?”. This exhibition features the work of four contemporary artists whose practices examine the boundaries between humans and nature from a philosophical, spiritual, and material perspective. All the featured artists embrace and adapt historic Chinese artistic traditions through their chosen materials, process, or themes.


Oneness: Nature & Connectivity in Chinese Art shows that we are all connected, that our lives are closely linked with nature and how that impacts our world and environment. Works by Ming Fay, Tai Xiangzhou, and Wang Mansheng are shown in Gallery 321, while a large installation of ink paintings The Eyes of Chaos: Remaking the Song Palace by Bingyi is featured in the Chinese Reception Hall, Gallery 326, and a series of related interventions is displayed in Gallery 334.


More information, please refer to: https://philamuseum.org/calendar/exhibition/oneness-nature-connectivity-in-chinese-art

November 19, 2022