Exhibition | Li Huasheng at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Walking the Crack


Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Walking creates paths, which may be shortcuts or perhaps detours. A path may start from tracking others or following in their footsteps. Sometimes people march in line. Sometimes they pace back and forth. Sometimes they walk a perilous road (for instance, we speak of risky affairs as “walking a tightrope”). These many different walking paths form lines, some running parallel to each other, others intersecting, all of them ultimately interweaving into a surface and forming a network. This is also how the exhibition connects art with daily life, artists with viewers, artworks with spaces. The viewing and reading of the exhibition are drawn together into a cycle, which implies the cycle of birth and perishing that encompasses the universe and all things.


More information, please refer to: https://www.tfam.museum/Exhibition/Exhibition_Special.aspx?id=714&ddlLang=en-us

November 15, 2022