Exhibition | From Inception: Wang Dongling 60 Years of Calligraphy

FROM INCEPTION: Wang Dongling 60 Years of Calligraphy

2021.10.16 - 2021.11.14

Zhejiang Art Museum




This exhibition focuses on China Academy of Art's professor, Wang Dongling's 60-year exploration of calligraphy art, from traditional calligraphy to other styles such as Chaos-Writing (Entangled Calligraphy), Big Writing, Silver Gelatin Calligraphy, Calligraphy on Bamboo Stalks, Calligraphy using immersive virtual reality, and so on. The long span of time covered by the exhibits, the diversity of styles, the depth of academic research, and the novelty of media experimentation are unprecedented not only in Wang Dongling's solo exhibition history, but also in Chinese calligraphy exhibition history.


For more information: https://www.zjam.org.cn/Site_En/news/2021/002/001636.shtml

October 29, 2021