Event|Su Huang-Sheng “Moving Landscapes”

“Moving Landscapes” Ink painting workshop

April 16 from 14:00 – 17:00 pm

Children's Art Education Center Studio, Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Designed for participants over 16 years old




On April 16, 2022, INKstudio’s representing artist Su Huangsheng will lead "Moving Landscapes", an experiential workshop at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. "Moving Landscapes", or yi bu huan xing, means that when one describes or delineates a landscape, by moving his or her footsteps, the observation and end points will change, and the landscape observed will also change accordingly. In the same way, the artist will adopt techniques such as observation, framing, shooting and reconfiguration, so that participants can begin to understand the mind behind paintings in Eastern culture even if they do not possess any skills in ink painting. Exploring different perspectives to experience the relationship among people, nature and the social environment, participants will eventually create his or her own unique landscape.


In the workshop, the artist will walk with the visitors inside and outside the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, recording their own viewing angles with their own accustomed tools of photography. Finally, the artist will guide everyone to present photos taken from their unique perspectives in the long-scroll format of ink painting.


For more details, please refer to the official page of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum.

April 6, 2022