EXHIBITION | Zheng Chongbin: Asymmetric Emergence (NEW YORK)

SEP 19 - OCT 8, 2017
INK STUDIO at SUNDARAM TAGORE GALLERY, NEW YORK | 1100 Madison Avenue (82/83rd)

Ink Studio is pleased to present new works from Zheng Chongbin's current series of abstract land-art paintings at Sundaram Tagore Gallery. This exhibition follows his selection by curators Raqs Media Collective as a core artist of the 2016-2017 Shanghai biennale, and his acclaimed solo exhibition at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. Inspired by the writings of American earthworks artist Robert Smithson, Zheng Chongbin’s work uses his indexical abstraction not to picture but to instantiate - at physical and temporal scales perceivable by humans - the entropic dynamics and resulting fractal geometries of the earth’s geological processes. The gallery is a few short blocks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which will simultaneously show a recently acquired major work by the artist in its new Chinese painting exhibition.

September 16, 2017