Exhibition | CHINA NOW: NEW LITERATI ART (New York's Asia Week)

INK studio, the critically-acclaimed Beijing-based art gallery, is pleased to announce China Now: New Literati Art, its inaugural group exhibition in the United States. On display during New York’s Asia Week, March 9 -18, at ART100 New York, 555 W 25th Street, the show will feature compelling new works by some of the most influential Chinese artists working today: Bingyi, Li Huasheng, Li Jin, Yang Jiechang, and Zheng Chongbin. These artists bring the pre-modern philosophy of the Chinese literati, which sees humankind as a microcosm of a universe in flux and emphasizes cultivation of one’s humanity through practice of the arts, into global contemporary artistic practices.

Also on view will be works by Wang Huangsheng and Li Gang presented by ART100 New York.

March 1, 2017