INK studio is excited to announce its programs in Shanghai in November 2016, at West Bund Art & Design, Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, and Shanghai Biennale and featuring the new work of internationally celebrated artists Li Jin, Jennifer Wen Ma, Wang Dongling, and Zheng Chongbin.


West Bund Art & Design
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November 9-13, 2016

West Bund Art Center, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai


INK studio will present a careful selection of new works by Li Jin (b. 1958, Tianjin), Wang Dongling (b. 1937, Jiangsu), and Zheng Chongbin (b. 1961, Shanghai) at this year’s West Bund Art & Design. All three are among the most accomplished and celebrated contemporary ink artists and have recently made career-defining creative breakthroughs. Li Jin, celebrated for his lush colors, has embarked on a new series of monochrome ink paintings in the expressionistic daxieyi style. Zheng Chongbin has ventured into video and light-and-space installation, expanding his conceptual explorations of materiality and perception into the space and time. Wang Dongling has developed his latest and most radical innovation: Chaos Script, a calligraphy that verges on illegibility. It is at this exciting moment that INK studio is bringing to Shanghai their respective latest series. As part of the VIP Program of West Bund, INK studio will also host a panel discussion with Li, Wang, Zheng, and Zhang Jian-jun entitled “Four Takes on the 1980’s” on November 10, 2016.


2016 Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair

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November 11-13, 2016

Shanghai Exhibition Center No. 1000, Yan’an Middle Road, Shanghai, China


At this year’s Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, INK studio will present the work of Jennifer Wen Ma (b. 1973, Beijing), the internationally acclaimed interdisciplinary artist and one of the chief creators of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. Evoking traditional Chinese ink paintings of floral and vegetal subjects, Ma’s inked plants have developed into increasingly rich artistic language in a series of installations and public projects in Australia, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. At Art 021, INK studio will debut a series of photographs of the inked plants that capture their poignant interplay between ephemerality and timelessness, fragility and vitality. Also on view is Exhaustive, a 3-by-2 meter living installation of grass and black soil. It will introduce moisture, smell, color, and other sensorial elements that complement the static and near-monochromatic photographs. Together they will create an immersive experience and reflect on nature, time, and the place of classical culture in the contemporary globalized economy.


11th Shanghai Biennale, Why Not Ask Again?

November 11, 2016 – March 12, 2017

Power Station of Art, 200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu, Shanghai


Zheng Chongbin will present a new version of his acclaimed light-and-space installation Wall of Skies during the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Why Not Ask Again?, where he has been selected as one of 11 Highlighted Artists by curators Raqs Media Collective. This version of Wall of Skies has been conceived specifically for the Biennale venue, subtly incorporating the view of the Huangpu River and the Pudong skyline. Resolving neither into painting, nor sculpture, nor pure light and space, Wall of Skies insists on its material presence even as it is dissolved in spatial experience. Appropriate to the Biennale’s theme, Wall of Skies occupies the interstices between conceptual categories—artifice and nature, objecthood and perception, immersion and circulation—and compels us to rethink them.

November 3, 2016