INK studio Booth One of "20 Best" at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016

Our solo presentation of Li Huasheng's grid paintings and abstract landscapes at Art Basel Hong Kong has generated a lot of buzz and been widely praised. Artsy selected our booth as one of the "20 Best Booths" of this year's fair, citing our centerpiece, the monumental grid painting 0669 (2006): Alexander Forbes and Frances Arnold, "The 20 Best Booths at Art Basel in Hong Kong," (March 22, 2016).


Blounin Art Info awarded our booth the "Best Solo Show":


The New York Observer chose ours as one of the 7 Best Solo Booths this year, referring to our "stunning selection of large-scale works on paper."


The New York Times has also mentioned INK studio in its recent coverage of Art Basel Hong Kong. In "A Haven for Asian Collectors" (March 24, 2016), reporter Ted Loos quotes extensively from an interview with INK studio director Craig Yee and cites INK studio as an example of transcending national and cultural boundaries in contemporary art.


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March 25, 2016