On Saturday, January 16, 2016, Zheng Chongbin will give a presentation at the Aurora Museum in Shanghai on "The Medium of Agency."


The subject of the presentation is Zheng's practice in engaging with light and space through various mediums, and in particular his engagement with ink, which generates autonomy and meaning from its materiality. His presentation concerns our physical world, our perception, and art as a linguistic inquiry. 


The presentation will incorporate his latest video works, which further explore phenomenological experiences reinvigorated by the viewer. The perceptual model that he is exploring resonates with the notion of transformatory nature.


Date and Time: January 16, 2016 (Sat.), 14:00-16:00

Lecture: Medium of Agency

Speaker: Zheng Chongbin

Venue: 1F Multi-function Hall, Aurora Museum, No. 99 Fu Cheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai

Language: Chinese

Free Entry: Reservation requested via the following link

January 15, 2016