West Bund Art & Design Fair 2015: Bingyi, Li Huasheng, Zheng Chongbin

Shanghai, 8 - 13 September 2015 

Booth: C8, First Floor

September 8-13,  2015

Westbund Art Center, 2555 Long Teng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China


INK studio is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming West Bund Art & Design Fair, September 8-13, 2015, Shanghai, China.


INK studio’s presentation opens with an immersive installation of Bingyi’s Wanwu, two land-scaled scrolls that index the climatological and topological conditions of a sacred Chinese site. This is followed by two large paintings by Zheng Chongbin, who uses the interactions of ink, acrylic, paper, and light not to represent but to instantiate nature’s entropic processes and fractal structures. Inside the booth, two partially enclosed rooms showcase respectively Bingyi’s Fairies, a painting series that evokes the infinite variety of organismic life through microscopically detailed brushwork; and the sublime and meditative grids of Li Huasheng, who has turned away from a career as China’s preeminent landscapist to render the unfolding of life in the line.


More information: www.westbundshanghai.com