Beijing Contemporary 2021: Jeong Gwang Hee, Lee In, Kim Jongku, Peng Kanglong, Su Huangsheng

13 - 17 October 2021 

Booth 3.2

China National Agricultural Exhibition Center


INK studio is proud to participate in Beijing Contemporary EXPO from October 13 to 17. Located at booth 3.2, INK studio will present works by three Korean artists Jeong Gwang Hee, Lee In, Kim Jongku, and two Taiwanese artists Peng Kanglong and Su Huangsheng.

Korean ink art is notable for a poignancy of expression that derives as much from its portrayal of the physical world as it does from an inner space – a quantity that is both abstract and spiritual. While some of the works in this exhibition reflect the classical rendering of calligraphic and landscape painting, others translate these traditions through a contemporary vision that includes painting, sculpture, installation, and other media.

Su Huangsheng's works demonstrate his unique approach to incorporating contemporary visual experience into traditional formats of Chinese painting. Through accumulation, reflection and transformation, he draws materials from ordinary and trivial objects seen in the quotidian world and put them into pictorial scenes full of oddness and estrangement.

Peng Kang-long from Taiwan is the great flower painter of our time combining a sense of space from classical landscape painting, brushwork from great 17th century masters such as Shitao and Kuncan and a very contemporary sense of light and color.